Baby Safety During The World Cup

The Brazil World Cup 2014

The Brazil World Cup 2014, opening ceremony singer

Carnival of the World Cup Brazil

Carnival of the World Cup Brazil

The Brazil World Cup 2014 kicks off amazingly! Wish it hold successfully and bring all people joys and  happiness!

You may be fixed before the screen for the World Cup football matches. But when you have a little child, your baby sister, niece, nephew etc, do remember some points before enjoying the match. It is critically important for baby safety.

1. Make sure the little kids play at safe districts.

2. Keep the dangerous zone of window, balcony, bathroom closed. No access by toddlers. A little boy fall off the window when he plays alone while the elder brother surf on net in room. A years ago, two little sisters drawn in a washing machine in bathroom when their father was watching TV and mother in the kitchen.

3. Don’t bring little babies to an exciting crowd of football fans. The scream, beer and noise will scare a small child. You will never know when the fans of different teams will start a to fierce argument or quarrel.

4. No going to the World Cup match site with small kids. You may neglect the child when you are cheering for your team and the child may be lost in the crowded site.

5. Don’t forget harmonious family life when you chasing the World Cup match. The dramatically rising quarrels between couples during the World Cup period caused by husband omitting wife when she was taking care of children and family.


Baby Safety Set Child Proof Kit Valuable 33pack

Baby Safety Set Child Proof Kit Valuable 33pack includes 9 items:

EVA door stopper / safety door guard, baby safety lock, toilet lock, safety sliding lock, drawer angle lock, cabinet lock, multi-purpose latch, corner protector, clear corner cushion, stove knob lock, baby outlet cover.

Products meet EU standards: PAHs free, REACH(SVHC), EN 71-3

Check the slideshare for how to DIY baby proof in a moment at home. Do remember clean the surface wherever you mean to install child safety items to make sure it adhere firmly to dangerous zones. Check the baby safety products regularly after installation.Stop using once the children grow up to know how to open them. Change the damaged or loose items immediately.

More details please contact eva@gzprodigy.com.cn manufactured by Guangzhou Prodigy Daily-Production Co., Ltd of Sedex(SMETA) factory audit certificate & ISO 9001. Your high quality baby products hard goods supplier for wholesaler & distributor, more details in http://www.probaby-china.com

Variety Baby Safety Sets

Variety Baby Safety Sets


Baby Safety Company Funny Party Spring Celebration

How to hold a funny party Spring Celebration? If you have headache in company activity planning, here this video will tell you a vigorous company hold the awards, surprise bonus, lucky draw etc. Check the life site at http://vimeo.com/89689377 #spring #babysafety #funnyparty

Guangzhou Prodigy Daily-production Co., Ltd manufacture baby safety products, plastic adhesive hook, felt pad, hook & loop and other smart household items. This factory pays close attention to develop vigorous and humanized company culture.

In the Funny Party Spring Celebration we awarded the excellent employees, made surprise with bonus, held lucky draw, shared the happy moment. Company activities are essential parts of work life for workers. Our misssion let hurt away from home for each child, create safe home and innovative life for parents. Know more household hardware producer at http://www.probaby-china.com


Baby Products Home Safety Lock & Latches

Functions of Baby Safety Locks:
*Prevent children exploring cabinets, cupboards, drawers.
*Baby proofing for prevention of crush finger, reaching poisons or sharp objects.
*Protect kids from playing with refridge or dirt in toilet.
*Lock fragile and precious items well inside.
*Avoid babies falling off window.

Tips of choosing baby proofing locks:
1.Environmental material, non-toxic .
2.Usually white plastic or virgin material is better
3.Durable quality: shining white plastic or new material with reasonable hardness.
4.Long service attachment: non-toxic and excellent adhesive glue.
5.Reasonable size fitting drawers, cupboards generally.
6.Not too easy to be damaged by toddlers, but convenient for adults.



Baby Safety Tips: How to Protect a child’s Eyes

Many babies are scared of washing hair or hair cut. They fear of the shampoo and water running to eyes and being not able to keep eyes open. Also they feel the scissor above of head a threat.

It does no good for shampoo or hair tips running into a child’s eyes. To prevent this situation, you can use a water proof hat for your baby.  The special designed baby safety shampoo hat not only prevent shampoo, hair tips, UVA, but also a colorful tools to  sooth nerves, and transmit the baby’s attention from fear to curiosity. When babies feel some safety objects around, they  will feel at ease.

See this illustrate picture, 3 types of baby shampoo cap & the use guides in shower, hair cut, strong sunshine block.




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6 Top Potential Hazards for Baby at Home

The home is the place you feel most at ease, but it also includes potential hazards to raise a child. Parents often underestimate their kids’ abilities and overestimate their intelligence. That cause many children die as a result of a home injury. Be aware of the top potential hazards in the home, and get them under control now. Learn the critical threats to baby safety


Top potential hazards to baby at home

Top potential hazards to baby at home


Small powerful magnets, if swallowed, can attract inside the body and block, twist or tear the intestines. Magnets also usually attach some tiny metals like needle pins. If you think your child has swallowed a magnet, seek medical attention immediately.


Once accidentally swallowed, they can get stuck in the esophagus and generate an electrical current that causes severe chemical burns and tissue damage. The window of opportunity for getting it out before it causes irreparable damage is two hours. If you’re even remotely concerned that your child has ingested one of the batteries, head to the emergency room immediately.


Be aware of the latest safety recalls and get dangerous products out of the home.


Never place a crib or playpen near a window blind. To prevent strangulation, use cordless blinds or install safety devices on blind cords; and install window guards or stops to prevent falls.


Kids will climb. Top-heavy furniture, TVs and stoves can tip over and crush young children. Make them all more stable by installing anchors and brackets.


Suction from a pool or spa drain can be powerful enough to trap a child or adult underwater. Inspect pools and spas for missing or broken drain covers.

 For more child safety tips and get home hazards solutions, please keep attention on our websitehttp://www.probaby-china.com


Spring Reception 2014 of Baby Safety Manufacturer

Guangzhou Prodigy Daily-Production Co., Ltd held Spring Reception Party on Feb.22. The participants were GM, CEO, workers, employees, suppliers & guests that ever contributes to this manufacturer for innovative baby safety, household items. There were great feast, awards, lucky draws, extra bonus, games and fantastic fireworks. News from probaby-china.com/spring-reception-2014-baby-safety-manufacturer/

A young boy won the best workers employee award, acompanied with cash bonus and benefits to his dear mother for continuous 12 months. Five employees achieved the name of the most qualified workers. They received the honor certificates, flowers and also bonus. After the awards, all employees had the aboudant feast and welcomed the lucky draws, including cash bonus, household appliance, mobile phone & laptop. We felt so happy that cheerful chatting and laughing never stop. Also we had various interesting games, which made all attendants roared with laughters. At last, we enjoyed the fantastic firework. The guests from suppliers and brother companies also joined with us and soaked in the party atmosphere. They applaused our vigors and encouragements to employees.

It was a beautiful night. All GZPRODIGY people shared the marvelous moment with delicious food, various bonus and happy surprises. Most important, they won encouragement from the company and gather decicions to make more efforts for next year awards.