How to DIY Baby Safety Set 33pcs Essential BH33C

How to DIY child proofing at home? Make it easy with one pack of  #BabySafety Set valuable 33pcs, essential baby safety set, basic child safety set, all-rounded baby safety set, #childproof kit, #babyproof kit of 11 items, 33 components, all purpose child proofing at home for baby safety. DIY child proofing home helper for mamas & papas.

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Baby Safety Set Child Proof Kit Valuable 33pack

Baby Safety Set Child Proof Kit Valuable 33pack includes 9 items:

EVA door stopper / safety door guard, baby safety lock, toilet lock, safety sliding lock, drawer angle lock, cabinet lock, multi-purpose latch, corner protector, clear corner cushion, stove knob lock, baby outlet cover.

Products meet EU standards: PAHs free, REACH(SVHC), EN 71-3

Check the slideshare for how to DIY baby proof in a moment at home. Do remember clean the surface wherever you mean to install child safety items to make sure it adhere firmly to dangerous zones. Check the baby safety products regularly after installation.Stop using once the children grow up to know how to open them. Change the damaged or loose items immediately.

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Variety Baby Safety Sets

Variety Baby Safety Sets


Baby Products Home Safety Lock & Latches

Functions of Baby Safety Locks:
*Prevent children exploring cabinets, cupboards, drawers.
*Baby proofing for prevention of crush finger, reaching poisons or sharp objects.
*Protect kids from playing with refridge or dirt in toilet.
*Lock fragile and precious items well inside.
*Avoid babies falling off window.

Tips of choosing baby proofing locks:
1.Environmental material, non-toxic .
2.Usually white plastic or virgin material is better
3.Durable quality: shining white plastic or new material with reasonable hardness.
4.Long service attachment: non-toxic and excellent adhesive glue.
5.Reasonable size fitting drawers, cupboards generally.
6.Not too easy to be damaged by toddlers, but convenient for adults.



Baby Safety Tips: How to Protect a child’s Eyes

Many babies are scared of washing hair or hair cut. They fear of the shampoo and water running to eyes and being not able to keep eyes open. Also they feel the scissor above of head a threat.

It does no good for shampoo or hair tips running into a child’s eyes. To prevent this situation, you can use a water proof hat for your baby.  The special designed baby safety shampoo hat not only prevent shampoo, hair tips, UVA, but also a colorful tools to  sooth nerves, and transmit the baby’s attention from fear to curiosity. When babies feel some safety objects around, they  will feel at ease.

See this illustrate picture, 3 types of baby shampoo cap & the use guides in shower, hair cut, strong sunshine block.




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Baby Safety Door Stop – What Advantages of Probebi

PROBEBI manufactures baby safety products of high quality for 10 years. Door stop is essential necessary item for each home, no matter you have a little child or not.  This little door guard is only at size about 10x10cm and 18mm thick, but it is of great help of all aspects. The functions include following points:

1. Prevent finger pinch injuries to children.
2. Prevent slamming doors, barging shut doors.
3. Reduce noise of banging shut door.
4. Keep baby from accidentally locking inside a room.
5. As door stopper prevent doorknobs hitting on the walls.

It is not only the door guard to protect the child from finger pinch. Cute cartoon door guards mounted to doors also play roles of décor & teaching aids for kids. From the slideshare above, you will find we have some simple design as well as many cartoon images. There are butterfly, pig, monkey, hippo, lion, dog and many other shapes. You can even see the funny animal party organized by Probebi’s EVA foam door guards. The cartoon finger pinch guards are some what like a mini funny zoo.

To use it correctly, we have some tips for you:

1. The groove mouth of a safety door guard should be only half of door thickness.

2.Position the door stop on top of door nearby the hinge to prevent falling off and keep door opening maximum.

3. Choose high flexibility door stop and recover immediately from strength press.

4. Material of big holes or un-even foam may cause break-off or getting squashed.

5. Clip the door stop on the door handle or higher place beyond children reach so that it will not missing.

For more details and specific item introduction, please visit this http://www.probaby-china.com/tips-of-using-baby-safety-door-stop/.

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Child Safety Locks for Drawer Angle

Child Safety Locks can keep cabinets, drawers securely shut, prevent kids opening and any potential hazards. This drawer angle lock is special to lock drawer corner or oven edge, essential measurement to prevent accidental poisoning or injuries by sharp objects.

Features of Probebi’s baby safety lock:

*Strong self-adhesive tape and no need any tools or screws.

*Non-toxic origin material well serve long years for baby safety without worry

* Handy and convenient design, one hand operation, ideal child safety products.

1) Clean surface
2) Peel the backing paper off, and take care not to touch the adhesive.
3) Stick it on the door of the cabinet.

Child Safety Cabinet Locks

Child Safety Cabinet Locks


Kid’s Chair Leg Cover Anti-Foot Stepping

Baby Safety Chair Leg Cover

Baby Safety Chair Leg Cover

Cover chair legs to lessen the impact of foot stepping accidents to kids. Handy baby safety product of good effect on preventing babies/adults from injuries or avoiding damage to delicate floor. Suitable for applying on chair or table legs at home, can stop chair moving and reduce attrition, scratch and noise as well.
Made of high flexible EVA foam, and install and take off from chair legs any time.

Item No.: CP12
Material: EVA
Size: Dia.65mm
Color: Blue
Package: Polybag with header card, 4pcs/set
24sets/box, 144 sets/CTN
Carton G.W.:2.5kgs
Carton meas. 43 X 38.5 X 30CM