Spring Reception 2014 of Baby Safety Manufacturer

Guangzhou Prodigy Daily-Production Co., Ltd held Spring Reception Party on Feb.22. The participants were GM, CEO, workers, employees, suppliers & guests that ever contributes to this manufacturer for innovative baby safety, household items. There were great feast, awards, lucky draws, extra bonus, games and fantastic fireworks. News from probaby-china.com/spring-reception-2014-baby-safety-manufacturer/

A young boy won the best workers employee award, acompanied with cash bonus and benefits to his dear mother for continuous 12 months. Five employees achieved the name of the most qualified workers. They received the honor certificates, flowers and also bonus. After the awards, all employees had the aboudant feast and welcomed the lucky draws, including cash bonus, household appliance, mobile phone & laptop. We felt so happy that cheerful chatting and laughing never stop. Also we had various interesting games, which made all attendants roared with laughters. At last, we enjoyed the fantastic firework. The guests from suppliers and brother companies also joined with us and soaked in the party atmosphere. They applaused our vigors and encouragements to employees.

It was a beautiful night. All GZPRODIGY people shared the marvelous moment with delicious food, various bonus and happy surprises. Most important, they won encouragement from the company and gather decicions to make more efforts for next year awards.


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