Baby Safety Tips: How to Protect a child’s Eyes

Many babies are scared of washing hair or hair cut. They fear of the shampoo and water running to eyes and being not able to keep eyes open. Also they feel the scissor above of head a threat.

It does no good for shampoo or hair tips running into a child’s eyes. To prevent this situation, you can use a water proof hat for your baby.  The special designed baby safety shampoo hat not only prevent shampoo, hair tips, UVA, but also a colorful tools to  sooth nerves, and transmit the baby’s attention from fear to curiosity. When babies feel some safety objects around, they  will feel at ease.

See this illustrate picture, 3 types of baby shampoo cap & the use guides in shower, hair cut, strong sunshine block.




#BabySafety | www.probaby-china... | Producer: Guangzhou Prodigy Daily-Production Co., Ltd.


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