Baby Safety at Home–Lovely Animation

Baby Safety at Home

To Parents—

In our daily life, there are hidden dangers in ever corner. While we as parents teach our children about safety, we should remind ourselves of our own responsibility for our children’s safety. The following contains several important safety recommendations which will help you with this task.

  1. Don’t leave your children alone at home.
  2. Keep the floor clean and dry so as to avoid slipping.
  3. Put water kettles, thermos flasks etc. out of reach of young children.
  4. Put a protective cover on power outlets which are within the reach of young children.
  5. Install a safety gate at the kitchen entrance to keep children out.
  6. Install a protective fence in front of windows and balconies and don’t place any tables or chairs there.
  7. Install corner cushions on tables.
  8. Don’t put coins, buttons, nuts, i.e. within reach of children.
  9. Don’t keep water in the bathtub, water tanks and buckets unless they are covered.
  10. 10.  Medicines, chemicals, lighters, knives and other dangerous items should be well locked in cupboards and out of reach by toddlers.

To find more tips and guides for home safety, please check more at baby safety classroom in .


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