World Cup Safety Tips for Families & Children

2014 World Cup  kicked off in Brazil !   Worldwide 3.2 billion viewers & audience are happy to enjoy this famous sports event!
World Cup & Baby Safety Tips

World Cup & Baby Safety Tips

Soccer lovers and football fans may be absorbed in the matches and fixed before the screens for the World Cup. But if you have a little child in your family,  a mini sister/brother,  niece, nephew etc, do remember some fatal  points before enjoying the happy event. It is critically important for baby safety.
1. Make sure the little kids play and stay at safe districts when you cheer for  the exciting matches.
2. Keep the dangerous zone of window, balcony, bathroom closed, no access by toddlers. A little boy fell off the window and broke the legs when he was playing alone, meanwhile the elder brother surf on net in sitting room. A years ago, two little sisters drawn in a washing machine in bathroom at the moment their father was watching TV and mother in the kitchen.
3. Don’t bring little babies to an exciting crowd of football fans. The scream, beer and noise will scare a small child. You will never know when the fans of different teams will start a to fierce argument or quarrel.
4. No going to the World Cup match site with small kids. You may neglect the child when you are cheering for your team and the child may be lost in the crowded site.
5. Don’t forget harmonious family life when you chasing the World Cup match. The dramatically rising quarrels between couples during the World Cup period caused by husband omitting wife when she was taking care of children and family.

Baby Safety Lock of Multi-Purpose Latch

baby safety lock of multi-purpose

Baby safety lock of multi-purpose

Baby Safety Lock of Multi-Purpose Latch,  lock well the refrigerator cabinet, drawers, refrigerator, other electric appliance for child safety. To prevent kids optionally opening them, it is a necessary mother helper to secure children from accidental poisoning, injuries by sharp knives, crushing fingers or damaging items inside.

Soft and transparent  material applies to drawer, appliance angles,  slide doors,  double doors of cupboards. Well fitting any home decor.

The strong tape applicable to all furniture without damage, excellent durable quality lasting for years. Non-toxic origin plastic material, practical and convenient for baby proof. Light plastic items for handy usage & storage, economic price makes it popular among homes with toddlers.