Baby Safety Door Stop – What Advantages of Probebi

PROBEBI manufactures baby safety products of high quality for 10 years. Door stop is essential necessary item for each home, no matter you have a little child or not.  This little door guard is only at size about 10x10cm and 18mm thick, but it is of great help of all aspects. The functions include following points:

1. Prevent finger pinch injuries to children.
2. Prevent slamming doors, barging shut doors.
3. Reduce noise of banging shut door.
4. Keep baby from accidentally locking inside a room.
5. As door stopper prevent doorknobs hitting on the walls.

It is not only the door guard to protect the child from finger pinch. Cute cartoon door guards mounted to doors also play roles of décor & teaching aids for kids. From the slideshare above, you will find we have some simple design as well as many cartoon images. There are butterfly, pig, monkey, hippo, lion, dog and many other shapes. You can even see the funny animal party organized by Probebi’s EVA foam door guards. The cartoon finger pinch guards are some what like a mini funny zoo.

To use it correctly, we have some tips for you:

1. The groove mouth of a safety door guard should be only half of door thickness.

2.Position the door stop on top of door nearby the hinge to prevent falling off and keep door opening maximum.

3. Choose high flexibility door stop and recover immediately from strength press.

4. Material of big holes or un-even foam may cause break-off or getting squashed.

5. Clip the door stop on the door handle or higher place beyond children reach so that it will not missing.

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