Mom Must Know–Prevent Head Injuries for Baby Safety

Do you have a little child at home? No matter how vigilant or conscientious you are, child injuries, eg a knock on the furniture edge, especially for children under 5 year old, happen anyway, the majority of head injuries occur at home.

prevent head injury

prevent fragile head injury

Then, how to prevent it, especially the head injuries to kids?

There’s no 100% guaranteed means to keep your energetic baby or waddling toddler completely safe, but mom must know the basic ways to reduce the likelihood of one. These Baby safety products measurements include:

1.      Childproof, childproof, childproof!

The effective way to minimize the danger zone at home is to realize a baby safety checklist or to practice childproof program. Pay special attention to sharp corners within child’s height.


2.      Never leave your baby or toddler alone somewhere that’s not fully childproofed!

Little babies intend to climb out of the crib or roll off bed, and toddlers always explore every corner in house. It is rather dangerous if they fall and hit head.

3.      Make sure the “climbable” furniture far away from window, or dangerous appliance like washing machine, etc.

This year, a tragedy happened to two children of 2~3 year old sisters drown in the washing machine due to access by climbing a stool, when one of their parents cooking and the other attracted by PC game. Take far away the “climbable” furniture even when you’ve placed the window guard.

4.      Don’t allow babies approach to kitchen.

Keep toddlers away from kitchen and avoid tripping off when you have hot food or water in hand. The knives and stove on the water table may cause injury when baby reaching them.  

5.      Remember to strap your baby into the stroller and high chair.

Toddlers try all means to crawl and stumble around. Falling-off usually happens in a second and you may even not able to hold him.

6.      Always keep playground safety.

Clear away the sharp and hard objects from children’s playground. Watch your toddler when he is playing outside, and stay within arm’s reach when he’s on a high surface.

7.      Be care of the play gym or swing set, cover those areas under and around it with soft materials. Or lock them in a room.  


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