Tips of Using Baby Safety Door Stop

Baby safety door stop is a convenient item to stop door from slamming shut, so that it avoids finger pinch or kids shut in a room, also can effectively reduce noise by suddenly collision. This little thing is usually made of EVA foam, plain and cheap, but really useful for home safety at any door. Some people may find problems in using it. Well, let’s have a look at what the problem they have and gives you some tips to apply it well.

Baby safety - finger pinch guard for tender hands

Baby safety – finger pinch guard

1.      Why it often falls off from door and not last long?

It is often due to the groove of foam door stop being too wide. You’d better test the thickness of door before you buy one. It should be a little bit narrower than the mouth of the door stop.

The feasible way for falling-off door stop is to position it on top of door nearest to the hinges, not at side. It can keep the door wide open to maximum.

Baby safety door stop

Baby safety door stop set right to avoid falling off

2.      Is the smelly foam material toxic?

Don’t worry, it’s safe. The order comes from the chemicals the foam treated with heat and diffuses to mild day by day. If you do mind the order, you can leave it in veranda for a few days before utilization. And provide some ventilation in hot weather. But don’t expose to sun or rain, as it causes crisp. Of curse even though it is not suitable for baby chewing, because the very tiny cell in foam may be with bacteria.

3.      Why the foam door stop breaks or gets squashed?

The reason is usually because the foam material of low density, bad flexibility or too thin.

It is important that the EVA foam material is of high density and good flexibility. You can press the surface of foam door stop. Qualified items will not sink much and recover at once. A simple tip is to buy the foam door stop at about 18mm thickness.

4.      How to avoid such little handy door stop missing?

First position it at higher part of the door, no kids reaching. When you close the door and not use for some time, clip it on the door handle. Or you can hang it on a hook at the back of a door.

Baby safety door stop

Baby safety door stop avoid missing

5.      It is too plain and stick out like the proverbial sore thumb!

There are many colors and designs for your choice. Choose the nearest color to your door, or let it sit on top to weaken its presence. Maybe a vivid animal version will give the house some lively feel. 

Baby safety cartoon animal door stop

Baby safety cartoon animal door stop

With these foam door stops and above tips, you will be sure of baby safety guard for tender finger and no trouble for banging doors. It is easy to use and to remove, why still hesitate? If you have other worries, please let us know to solve it for you.

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