Baby Safety 33pcs Set of Essential Home Safety Kit

Product Overview

Baby Safety Set BH33C

Baby Safety Set of Essential Home Safety Kit

Name: Baby Safety 33pcs Set ( Essential Home Safety Kit )

This set provids critical home safety for babies. with 33 pieces of smart items. It is essentials home safety kit containing:
1pc X toilet lock(TL001),
1pc X c shape sliding door lock (SL001),
2pcs X safety door guard(SD001 and SD005),
2pcs X angle lock(AL001),
2pcs X cabinet drawer lock(GC001),
2pcs X multi-purpose latch(LH01),
2pcs X oven knob cover(VB001),
4pcs X corner protector(CP01 straight shape),
4pcs X corner protector(CP03 oval shape),
6pcs X two pin plug protectors(OL001),
6pcs X three pin plug protectors(OL002).
***Different combination available under request***

This collection of important safety tools protect your little baby from key hazard areas in your home. Restrict your kid’s access to oven knobs, electrical outlets, toilet, cabinet, and prevent kids from pinching, colliding to sharp corners. High quality stands up to SGS, PAHS and REACH testing etc. It is a smart choice of essential elements for family with kids. Buy this essentials home safety kit for angel babies at home.

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